To celebrate 35 years of Coming to the Rescue, we put together this moving video to show what we do here at Adopt-A-Dog. Every donation allows us to take care of any needs a dog has, like the ones seen in this video.


Adopt-A-Dog Inc. relies 100% on private donations.

The organization strives to put those contributions to work rescuing cats and dogs in our local area and beyond.

Times are tough! Funds are harder and harder to find. Yet the demand to shelter unwanted pets continues to grow at an alarming rate.

There are overwhelming choices when it comes to sharing hard earned dollars, however there are not many organizations where you can take your money for a walk or listen to it purr. Please consider contributing towards our cause and come watch it work!

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or Mail your Donation to:

Adopt-A-Dog Inc.
P.O. Box 11135
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