OscarOscar loves taking selfies!


EmiliaEmilia is enjoying her yard (and occasionally digging a hole or two). We are pleased to share that she is one happy pup! 


Dexter Cove UpdateDexter’s family had nothing but good news! They even used the phrase “big love” to describe him. Dexter really enjoys his new backyard, and his interactions with other dogs, people and kids have been perfect.


link update 1It has been 3 months since Link has been adopted! Link’s family says that he is a fantastic dog and is still the “stately gentleman” as we originally described! 


snickersSnickers is one of our Boxer/Mastiff puppies from last summer. He is doing great and loves playing with his sister!

Thor & Ranger

boogie and ryan updateThor (Boogie) and Ranger (Ryan Gosling) met on the tennis courts the other morning!


abu hatAbu celebrated Memorial Day Weekend in upstate New York and had the time of his life!


buzzYogi, formerly known as Buzz, enjoyed the weather this weekend after a nice bath. His family adores him and with a face like that, who wouldn’t!


alum banditBandit checking in, one of the puppies from our October litter (Mama Sally’s puppies). Bandit, formerly known as Rudolph, is loving his family and his toys (including this hat)!


sallyYou may remember Callie, formerly known as Mama Sally, who gave birth to 9 adorable puppies. Callie now likes to race around the yard and relax on the couch with her people. Callie loves her family and her family loves her!


lolaLola is doing awesome! Lola is one of Mama Sally’s puppies. She is now 6 months old, potty trained and loves to run around. Her forever family says that she enjoys chewing on sticks and her favorite treats are ice cubes.


stoneThe beautiful Stone found her loving forever family in April! Stone was one of our Coonhounds from West Virginia. 


munchkin go homeMunchkin found his forever family during an event at Pet Supplies Plus!


gizmoGizmo had one of the best Easter’s yet. He was adopted! Congratulations on finding your forever family Gizmo!


Louie Go HomeWe are so happy that Louie, one of our volunteer dogs, has found a family to call his own this April!


ryan go homeRyan Gosling has found his forever family! Ryan’s adoption is an extra special one for April as Ryan is Heartworm positive and April is National Heartworm Awareness month. Thank you to his forever family for taking a chance on this handsome boy!


jackThe wait is over for Jack! Jack was adopted by Adopt-A-Dog Alumni!


wileyCongratulations to another one of our senior dogs, Wiley, on finding his forever home!


panda birthdayPanda celebrated her birthday yesterday and it was her first birthday in a loving home. Happy birthday Panda, we hope all your birthday wishes came true!


links homeOur resident volunteer dog and everyone’s favorite senior gentleman Link WAS ADOPTED!  Happy tails, Linktastic, we will all miss you very much!


_JAM5019_eCongratulations Natalie! The young, gorgeous Natalie Portman found a loving home in March. Originally from North Carolina, Natalie didn’t stay at Adopt-A-Dog too long before finding her new family. Happy life Natalie!


bear go homeBear has been adopted! Bear was a volunteer favorite here at Adopt-A-Dog and he will be greatly missed. Bear found his forever home and now has a sister! Bear is a big hit with his new family and friends, everyone loves him. His family informed us that he is settling in really well and loves being in a home.

Bear has been renamed Sirius, after the Harry Potter character Sirius Black.



peteypf2After two years of living in a shelter, Petey has been adopted! Petey was Adopt-A-Dog’s office dog and greeted everyone with a smile. Happy life Petey!


diamond-alumniDiamond has enriched our lives so much! We love her so very much. She has settled in great. She is such a wonderful dog! Thank you for all you do and for taking care of her until she came to her forever home! 


kingalumniAbout going on four years us, king is still the same lovable goofball, that you guys.


casperCasper my best friend passed away last night. He was such a loyal and loving dog, we had a huge bond and this is killing me! You will always live on forever in my heart and mind my love bug! Your gentle nature was what made us pick you at Adopt-A-Dog you can never be replaced. 


hallyThis morning we lost Hallie to cancer. I wanted to thank al of you over the years for the love you always showed her. Thanks to Brian and Kristen for always loving her. I couldn’t of had a better dog. She was the love of my life and its because of your organization.



Trooper and Bently

trooper and bentleyHappy Adoptaversary! Trooper was adopter 1 year ago today and Bentley was adopted 5 1/2 years ago!


sheaThank you for our amazing new puppy Shea!


cocoOne year ago today we officially adopted our little girl Coco, aka Karma, from Adopt-A-Dog! She has brought me so much happiness and lots of licks too into our lives and those who meet her. We all love you Coco!


tacomaTacoma says hello to everyone at Adopt-A-Dog. It has been almost a year since I moved into my new home. And I love playing ball as much as ever. Tacoma has been great and so much fun.


SeeleyOmie (Seeley) and his new brother Yogi are best friends!


pepperI know it’s been quite a while since I’ve been to Adopt-A-Dog, but Pepper (aka Butler, I think it was) just wants you to know she’s doing well!

Buddy and Lady

buddy and gagaAlumni Buddy (Deisel) and Lady (Gaga) playing their part for Easter!

Baylee Roofus

baylee and rufusBaylee Roofus the Easter Bunny!

Bailey and Brandy

bailey and brandyHappy 1st birthday to Bailey and Brandy!


axelFor your adopt-aversary day! This is Axl (formerly Ryan), adopted Aug 2012 at 12 weeks. he is completely spoiled rotten and much loved. He loves hikes and dog parks and destroying anything made of plastic. We’d love to meet any of his siblings if possible!


zeusGood morning! It’s been one year since I’ve been adopted! Living the life…thank you Courtney and Adopt-A-Dog for not giving up on me and finding me a happy home!


GreysonThis is Greyson, formerly Andy, adopted in September 2015, loving the life as a big lap dog!


MaeThis is Mae (formerly known as Inca). I adopted her after graduating college in September 2011. She loves to snuggle, chase squirrels, and play with her friends on the beach in Charleston. She has adjusted well to the southern way of life.


StellaStella, formerly known as Sprite, in her new home!


lulu (leslie) 3This is Lulu, formerly Leslie. She’s been with us for 2 months now. She’s the biggest cuddle and thinks she’s a 35 lb lap dog! She’s been having a great time running around the yard with the kids and destroying every toy we get her!


ElmoThis is Elmo. He was adopted in June 2012. My mom has his brother and best friend Peter and they get to play at least once a week. Elmo is still very scared but he has a great life with his two other doggie brothers and I love him to pieces. Elmo loves to dig in blankets and chews his favorite bones. He is forever grateful to Adopt-A-Dog for rescuing him and allowing him to come to us!!


tsukiTsuki, formerly Alice, was met by us a few years back at Putting on the Dog! She is living happily and has flourished – she adores her family and although reserved with strangers, she passed her CGC and is Delta certified and visits nursing homes with her more outgoing “little” German Shepherd brother! Her family has recently taken on a few kitties, when her human grandmother died and she has taken the new herd on in stride – we visit her old friends at Putting on the Dog.


ryleeThis is Rylee, at your shelter he was known as Perry. I adopted him in 2007. He now has 2 human brothers and just last week he got a canine sister!


Zoolander 4Tomac (aka Zoolander) loves to steal everybody’s clothes, stuffed animals, snuggle and he especially loves to play dress up! He is a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn’t be happier!

Jax and Gigi

jax gigiJay and Gigi (formerly known as Apple and Peach) who were saved from one of the Korean dog meat farms, are doing great!! They are playful and happy babies who have doubled in size in the three months since we adopted them. Gigi is a silly, funny love bug, and Jax is a pseudo tough guy who is afraid of his own shadow (literally lol). They play all day and love other dogs. Oh, and Gigi makes purring noises like a cat!!


bambiThis is Bambi, we adopted her in August of 2010. Although she is big she likes to think she is a lap dog.


scoutHere’s Scout, we adopted him on Jan 2nd and couldn’t be happier!


JuneThis is June, formerly known as Diamond, and she is a current record holding couch napper!


huck This is Huck. He loves his new home in Philadelphia…and cheese, loves cheese.


SampsonSampson (formerly Leo) was adopted in May 2013. He was the only pup that slept the whole time at Adopt-A-Dog and he still LOVES to sleep!! All day if he could. Thank you for giving us the greatest living creature ever!!


BransonBranson, f.k.a. Patches is living the life and his 3 year adoptiversary is coming up!


nugget-oneHe is a wonderful dog and so so smart!!!  I had his DNA done and thought you might be interested.  He is 50% Jack Russell Terrier, 12% Collie and they believe he has Alaskan Klee Kai in him.  That would account for the blue eyes but I have never seen one of them before in person.  :)  Anyway I hope all is well there and that you are having lots of people adopt all your wonderful dogs.



oliver-oneI just wanted to give you guys an update on Oliver. He’s doing amazing. It’s hard to believe we’ve only just brought him home in March. He’s definitely starting to get more comfortable with his surroundings. He gets so exited during playing time and makes the cutest little sounds. He LOVES to go outside and meet other little dogs.

Harry (formerly Bandit)

banditHarry has made more progress in a day than I expected in a week. He found the couch in 5 minutes. After a couple of hours he started playing. He met some neighbors, human, canine and feline…all was good there. Now he is working intently on a marrow bone. Thank you for your expert guidance. You are very good at what you do.

All The Best, Carol and Harry


gemma1Alia and mommy taking Gemma for a walk.


zoeyHi everyone at Adopt-A-Dog!

I hope you all are doing well! We also appreciated you call last week checking up on how Zoey is doing.

We can’t believe it’s been a month since she became a part of our family! Attached are a few recent pictures.

We normally take walk twice a day. In the morning for about 30-40 mins. Then in the evening for about an hour. As soon as we get home from work, she is happy to see us with her tail wagging, a big grin and usually a toy in her mouth.

Benny (formerly Brewski)

brewski2I’m so happy to have Brewski (now Benny) home with me. I love him already . He is doing great so far (1 day after I adopted him). He loves to romp in yard and also likes to relax on the couch with me. Thx you for taking great care of him. He is a treasure and so happy we found each other.

Archie (formerly Piney)

pineyThanks so much for sending the picture along! You have such a wonderful staff and facility, it was such a great experience adopting from you. Piney (We renamed him Archie) seems to be settling in really well. He is such a sweet and gentle dog, we feel so lucky to add him to our family. He fell asleep on Chris on the way home, and has already picked his favorite toy (a stuffed bunny) that he loves carrying around the house. I attached some pictures for you if you want to see how he’s doing. Thanks again for everything! -Lindsay

Winston! (formerly Midnight)

midnight-oneHope all is well at Adopt a Dog. I just wanted to check in about Midnight (who is now named Winston!). He is doing great here at his new home and I absolutely love having him — he is the sweetest and most playful! Attached are some pictures of him, and I just wanted to say thanks again, I am so grateful to you guys for helping me find the best cat ever!

Cindy and Rose!

cindyrose-oneCindy and Rose are two happy little girls who are doing great in their forever home! The girls have been enjoying a lot of new adventures and are having fantastic lives!!!


oliverI just wanted to thank you and the staff again for helping Chris and I bring Oliver into our home. He’s been amazing and he adjusted to his new home really well. It feels like he’s been with us forever lol. We took him for his 1st haircut and wanted us to share some pics with you guys.


maxcat-twoMax is such a good boy. I love him so much and feel so blessed to have him. :-) I can’t thank you all enough for taking in animals and taking such good care of them. Amy


dawn-twoPenny’s doing great in her home!


bella-oneThis is Bella, originally Patsy…. 50 pds boxer/lab doing wonderful….


ladybug-oneJust wanted you to see our sweet Ladybug who has just celebrated 12 years as an important member of our family.  She has been such a gift and we are thankful everyday to have her in our lives!


buddyHello all, Buddy is doing so well. He loves the beach house, but not so much the water. Thank you so much again!

Winnie (formerly Ellie)

ellie-threeHere’s the former Ellie, enjoying the yard, comfy couch, our cat Lucky and “older sister” Nellie! Winnie is just so sweet and funny.




pebble-onePebble is enjoying her new home!!!


mikey-oneJust a quick thank you for allowing me to adopt Mikey. He has adjusted very well and couldn’t be happier. I thought you might enjoy seeing the attached photos. They show him doing what he does best – sleeping and training with the “big, bad boys” in town. Thanks again! Andrea


nike-fourHi Everyone:

Nike has now been part of our family for 6 months. What a joy he is! It is frequently like having an 80 lb. goofy puppy living with us. We’ve never had a dog express joy as Nike does, with his whole body wiggling & tail thumping against doors and walls. He is very smart, learning things like “go to your bed” and “touch” very quickly, which has helped with his training. He is doing very well with Diesel and Ember. He still gets too rough with Ember at times and their outdoor play has to be monitored. Ember certainly appears to like wrestling with Nike most of the time as she will initiate play if he hasn’t. They chase each other around the yard, running like the wind and then play hide & seek around a big shrub. Nike knows that Diesel will not tolerate any rough play so he behaves himself with Diesel.

Nike loves his food. He knows when it is time for a meal, will come into the kitchen and look up at the top of the refrigerator where the filled dog dishes are waiting. Kristen – the special dog dish & moistening his food has slowed him down just a bit! He still loves branches and dirt and has even tried the bark on some trees. There will not be much gardening taking place this year as he pulls plants out of the ground or wants to eat them. In addition, Ember & Nike tear through the flower beds when running around.

Within a month, Nike was sneaking up on the bed during the night, joining Ember and Diesel. They now each have their own spot, leaving me with very little room some nights. And, Nike snores! Belly rubs is a favorite.

We continue to work on Nike’s fear of people and dogs. We recently completed an intermediate/CGC prep class and are taking it again. The trainer & her assistants love Nike. As he gets more and more comfortable with them, he becomes the class clown, with everyone laughing at his antics. We also attend our trainer’s real world classes – meeting, with other dogs/owners, at a beach, park or pet store. We work on socializing and manners.

His allergies are under control. When he starts scratching, we now put the medicated conditioner on him ourselves. He is so good about it, letting us dampen his coat & rub the conditioner in.

We are very glad he is part of our family. Special thanks to Nancy & Jose for the love & care you provided to Nike during his time at ADD.


Debi, Michael, Diesel, Ember & Nike Fasanella


layla-twoJust wanted to let you know that Layla is doing amazing!! We love her so much and we are so happy that she is apart of our lives. I can’t believe we have had her for a little over a year now. I can’t imagine my life without her. I’ve attached a few photos of her throughout the year. I can’t thank you and the staff enough for helping me find my best friend :)



gunner-oneWanted to share a pic of Gunner. This was on Easter, we did a haphazard family portrait. He sits really good for pics and listens really well on a leash now. I worked on some simple basic obedience with him Monday & he still remembers what he was taught… He is starting to adjust, too. I’ll share more in time :) thanks!!


jesse-oneJesse is doing great. He is such a smart and sweet dog. I included a picture. Thanks, Karen


george-oneJust to let you know George is settling in nicely – loves his bed by the back door and his crate! He is walking his nine year old brother to school in the mornings and has become very good going to the bathroom outside- he has seen the vet and will see him again in a couple of weeks for his rabies shot.




boo-threeHi Allyson & All:

Just a note to say Boo is doing just fine. She is a sassy one, and does not like her picture taken. Given that she is black, it makes for difficult photo opportunities to say the least. I tried to include a few of her in her favorite spots, outside my daughters room at the landing of the stairs to monitor the comings and goings of her favorite persons lair, her favorite window (Boo is on the left, Misty on the right) Boo under the kitchen barstool trying SO hard to safely engage Misty who struck a truce with her, and Boo on my daughters bed getting her rear scratched, a favorite past time. She chatters a lot and has quickly figured out how to herd us to feed her and open a window for her.

We all love her. However, because I tend to be the one that comes constantly with two dogs in tow, I have yet to hear her purr and I’m the only one she bites! Of course I don’t really mind….

Keep up all the kind work,




Alex is home and she (we) couldn’t be happier! She’s an absolute angel and it feels like she’s been with us forever. She’s checking everything out, playing with her toys, and giving a ton of cuddles and kisses. She’s winding down now and is fast asleep in Hudson’s bed! She is a complete gem, I can’t imagine a more perfect match!

Thank-you for everything,

Stephanie and Hudson

Blue (formerly Molly)

molly-oneBlue is doing great in her home — she loves rolling in the grass!


suki-birthdayHappy Birthday to Suki!!!!



I adopted Duke on August 3rd, 2013. He has truly changed our lives for the better. He has brought so much happiness and love into our home! Here are some pictures of him :)


Jessica Volpe


polly-oneDear Adopt a Dog:

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of an adoptee – Polly Thiessen / formerly Lamke. We adopted Polly from you in 2001 and she unfortunately passed on Monday February 17, 2014 at 1:10PM. She was an adoptee with a challenging history and some issues but we would have been hard pressed to find a better friend and pet for the last 13 years. She will be sorely missed. While we don’t know much about her pre-adoption history, she lived with us in Norwalk CT. for a number of years and then moved with us to Helsinki Finland for almost 3 years where she not only helped us transition to the country but also enjoyed seaside walks the forest and her friend Pompu. Upon our return to the US, she lived with us in Fairfield CT and then moved to South Glastonbury last July where she ended her days as our ever vigilant guardian. We will miss our dear friend and hope she is resting in peace.


kylie-twoKylie enjoying her new home!!!

Chulo (Jelly Bean)

jellybean-oneHello just wanted to share with you all how happy we are with Chulo (jellybean) he is amazing we love him so much and are so grateful that you found homes for all his brother and sisters as we’ll!!!


The Pegueros


sarah-threeSarah is doing great in her new home!!!


lulu-oneHi Everyone,

I’m sorry my parents took so long to send you a picture. I love them very much and I know they love me the same. Happy New Year! Now they will be able to send more pictures of me in the future. Please keep in touch.

Love, Lulu


skippy-oneSkippy is doing great in his new home and wishes everyone a happy new year!


suki-fourSome updated photos of Suki…She is well loved and is a highlight of my 2013 as well as my life. Welcomed by my whole family…everyone loves her. Thank you for my best friend! Have recommended you guys to various people who’ve asked.

Baylee Roofus

baylee-threeBaylee Roofus is having a fantastic time in her forever home!!! She loves her dog brothers Riley and Crash, and adores her dad. Baylee is living the good life!


smiley-threeWe adopted Smiley (now Samson) from your organization 8 years ago this week (Oct 2005). My husband and I got engaged that same week, moved into our first home, and Samson became our first “baby” in our new household. He has been the best dog in the world and as he enters his twilight years (he is now 9 1/2) we are still grateful that your shelter chose to intervene when he was surrendered to NYC Animal Control in March 2005.

I just wanted to share some recent photos, in case there are any volunteers left from 2005 that might remember him (we were told he was one of the favorites since he spent many months in the shelter and hanging out in the main office with the staff before my husband spotted him on Petfinder).

Thank you again for all that you do to rescue these wonderful animals!


luckyLucky (formerly Charlie) is doing wonderful!!! He visited Puttin’ on the Dog this past September, and had a great time!

Brody (formerly Chazz)

brody-oneHi there – Apologies in advance for our long overdue note about Brody (formerly Chazz). We adopted him on June 20th and it has been a wild and wonderful seven weeks!

Brody is a 22lb social butterfly. He loves people and other dogs, and thinks that anyone we walk past must stop and say hello to him before moving on. He’s got the sweetest face, and pretty much everyone obeys this little rule, stopping to gush over him for a few minutes. He’s nearly potty trained, letting us know he has to go out by standing at the front or back door (9 times out of 10!). He sleeps through the night, and knows “sit”, “down”, and “stay” really well. He tried swimming (in a life jacket) in the Long Island Sound last week and wagged his tail the entire time in the water. He loves to eat – loves it! And loves ice cubes! We’re working on “leave it”, not jumping when he first sees people, and some separation anxiety (he sometimes poops in his crate when we leave the house…). He’s also enrolled in puppy kindergarten at Best Friends in White Plains, which has been good for all three of us.

We are beyond in love with him, can’t imagine how life was before him, and just can’t get enough of him. We feel so fortunate to have found him – so thank you!! Attached are a few pictures of our boy.

Thanks again, and talk soon.

Maureen & John Cotter


noelle-twoJust wanted you guys to see how happy she is. She is the love of our lives & we can’t thank you enough for her. We are so glad it was us that she waited for. She is so amazing. She is a great dog & such a joy to us. We can’t spoil her enough. Say hi to everyone & thank you to everyone at adopt a dog. Woof woof from noelle!!!!


suki-oneSuki relaxing in her new home!!!

Cosette (formerly Jane)

jane-oneHi guys! Just wanted to send a quick email to share with you Cosy’s 6th birthday picture (complete with homemade birthday hat). She had a great time posing for pictures and eating extra special treats!



We just wanted to give you a quick update on Callie (one of Fergie’s pups).

It is hard to believe that Callie will turn three years old next month! She is a wonderful dog and we are so grateful to Adopt-A-Dog for helping us find each other. Callie has FINALLY finished growing and has reached 108 pounds!

We are attaching a link with a picture of Callie and her three “siblings”.

Thank you for all you do,

All our best,

Dan and Bridget


paprika-oneHere is a recent picture of paprika! She is doing great!!! Extremely lovable! She is on bed with us every night and enjoys peering out the doors & windows listening to the birds! My children absolutely love her… She has been a great addition!

Finn (formerly Murphy)

finn-oneHere are pictures of Finn formerly known as Murphy. He’s a great pup! He loves snuggling in bed and running/playing with our 4 other dogs. So happy we found eachother :)

China and Simba

chinasimba1Alumni from long ago! We adopted China back in 2006 and Simba in 2007. All these years later we could not imagine our family without these two wonderful pups!

China…a not so friendly dog when she was first adopted. She was very insecure and protective, liking only the members in our household. Used to be neglected or kept in a cage, this girl has graduated to full on Princess. She likes her sheets washed weekly. She is perplexed when she is told she can not sit in the chair, I mean after all She is China Girl! She has come to love all that enter our home, even young children. While it can be said that we gave her a better life, we prefer to say that she gave us a better life. She proved that with love and trust, even those that seem unlovable can turn around and see that love is all there is.

Simba…a 10 month old puppy when we got him. Five years later…a five year old puppy still! He is starting to gray a bit around the muzzle but this does not stop him from still acting the fool that wants to play and be loved 24/7. He makes us laugh and reminds us often that life is all about playing hard and sleeping harder.

These two pups have been through more than most. We experienced a house fire in January 2011 and the dogs were home alone. While China greeted the firemen at the door and convinced them that they needed to get her out, Simba hid under a bed. It took two neighbors to get the firemen to hear that there was another dog inside. Our Simba was found and brought to safety. Our house was destroyed, so the dogs were displaced in another home, without their family, for two weeks until we were able to find a temporary home that would accept two large dogs. Over a year later we moved home. These dogs never forgot where they belong. Their favorite stranger ever is our builder. He must have left his scent for when he came by, he was greeted with kisses and hugs from both pups.

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