Weekly Update 5/12

This week we welcomed 7 new dogs to Adopt-A-Dog! On Wednesday our Shelter Manager and Adoptions Coordinator headed down to West Virginia and came back with six new dogs.  

Meet the gang!

Tommy – A Golden Retriever Mix around 5 years old.

Dill – A Golden Corgi/ Sheltie Mix (we are still debating what he is a mix of). He is around 4 years old.

Reptar – A Pit/Hound/Shepherd Mix around 2 years old.

Angelica – A Black Lab/Greyhound Mix around 7 years old

Lillian– A Pug Chihuahua Mix. We are unsure of her age at the moment.

Phillip – A Chihuahua Doxie Mix around 3 years old.

Earlier this week, on Monday, we went down to Manhattan Animal Care & Control and took in Elfie. Elfie is in rough shape and will need a lot of medical care. If you would like to make a donation towards her medical care you can go through our website or be a part of the Saving Pets Challenge. Please indicate your donation is for Elfie & it will go directly to her care. We are going to do everything we can to make sure Elfie’s life only goes up from here.




Elfie’s first day at Adopt-A-Dog

Sponsor a Pet

Looking for a way to help but cannot bring a new pet into your home at this time? Consider sponsoring the care of a dog at our shelter! Starting as low as $10 a month, sponsorships allow Adopt-A-Dog to continue to provide a high level of care to our homeless pets awaiting their forever homes.


Sponsor Options


Open your home and foster a pet for adoption. We are always in need of foster homes to provide out of shelter care for both dogs and cats of any age – from newborn to seniors. Fostering also allows us to rescue more pets in need, opening up space at the shelter.

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