Paws for Change – Youth Awards


Are you looking to be a part of making a difference in the lives of homeless animals?  Our first annual PAWS FOR CHANGE campaign is the way to help. 

Adopt-A-Dog wants to recognize the impact that our youth volunteers make at our shelter and in the community.  Whether it is reading to the dogs, organizing fundraisers or spreading awareness about the dogs at our shelter, our young volunteers offer much needed support and their influence can evoke great change in the lives of our shelter pets while they search for their forever home. The following two awards are being rewarded as part of our Paws for Change campaign:

Lucky & Penny Memorial Award– Ages 12 & under

Donna Nives Award– Ages 13 –18

The recipients of the above awards will be rewarded with an Adopt-A-Dog trophy and be our special guests at our 30th Annual Puttin’ On The Dog Show on September 17, 2017.  Awards will be granted to two of our youth volunteers who have truly impacted the life of dogs in need.

Join us in this campaign! and here is how to join:

  • The first step is to complete our PAWS FOR CHANGE Questionnaire Form
  • Once received, our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch with more information.
  • All projects must be submitted by September 1, 2017.

Campaign Suggestions Include:

  • Donation Drive
  • Bake Sales
  • Car Washes
  • Shelter Cleanup
  • Tag Sales
  • Dog Tails
  • Spread awareness of Adopt-A-Dog in your community
  • Participate in on- and off-site events
  • Support the campaign to end Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)
  • Raise awareness about Pit Bulls and Breed Discrimination

The above are campaign suggestions of the different ways you can qualify for these awards, but we are open to other creative and innovative ideas!

Click here for Paws for Change Youth Awards Flyer

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Sponsor a Pet

Looking for a way to help but cannot bring a new pet into your home at this time? Consider sponsoring the care of a dog at our shelter! Starting as low as $10 a month, sponsorships allow Adopt-A-Dog to continue to provide a high level of care to our homeless pets awaiting their forever homes.


Sponsor Options


Open your home and foster a pet for adoption. We are always in need of foster homes to provide out of shelter care for both dogs and cats of any age – from newborn to seniors. Fostering also allows us to rescue more pets in need, opening up space at the shelter.

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